Following this ban, Reginald turned into a delinquent and you will started to steal new Porches of his rivals after he beat them

Following this ban, Reginald turned into a delinquent and you will started to steal new Porches of his rivals after he beat them

It is known from the most people contained in this Sozialangst Dating-Seite Heartland Academy that Reginald wasn’t merely an experienced Duelist, also a bully. [1] The guy obtained the newest nickname “Shark”, due to the fact that he put a sea-styled Platform and since the guy ripped his opponents’ Decks off their hand swiftly and with malice. Even with Shark’s methods, Yuma Tsukumo defended him, as he believes that everyone has been doing anything within their early in the day which they feel dissapointed about. [19]

Pre-Community Duel Carnival [ change ]

Shark outdone opponents at his university, bringing the Porches after they missing. Shortly after conquering Bronk Brick, the guy met Yuma Tsukumo, who tried to defend Bronk. Whenever expected what their foremost thing was, Yuma advised him it actually was their chandelier. Shark ripped the fresh new pendent off their neck and you can tossed they out. Shark challenged your to a match, that have both Yuma’s and you will Bronk’s Decks at stake. Yuma approved. [1]

Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL [ change ]

It Dueled in the city square, with Shark rapidly gaining a bonus which have “Large Jaws” and “Aqua Spray”. The guy cornered Yuma, but then the newest “Numbers” was put out throughout the home. Shark was owned by the “Amount 17: Leviathan Dragon”, which he proceeded in order to Xyz Summon. [1] As Duel developed, Shark began to doll having Yuma, bringing his Life Affairs right down to a tiny fraction. not, Yuma managed to leave so it with Astral, and you may were able to beat Shark along with his “Number 39: Utopia” on 5000 ATK, hence knocked Shark out. When Shark awoke, he provided Yuma Bronk’s Platform, staying their vow. Shark mentioned that Yuma are different than individuals that he has actually faced in advance of and stepped away from without other phrase (on dub, Shark claims “You may have a time till then, Yuma”). [17]

Sometime after the Duel, conditions regarding Shark’s overcome give up to school with his character decrease. Sooner or later, the guy avoided gonna college or university and also end Dueling, and you will are drawn in by the a group added from the Scorch and Chills, who hung out at a deserted arcade. One-night, Shark was driving on his motorcycle, and you will prevented immediately after seeing Yuma, watching him before riding out-of. [42] 1 day, while Yuma is late to college, Shark drove around the a route toward his bicycle and you may almost hit Yuma. Shortly after Yuma are belittled by the their family relations whom believe that their wins over Shark and Flip had been because out-of his “Numbers”, the guy made a decision to look for Shark and you will issue your in order to good rematch, without the need for the assistance of Astral otherwise his Quantity. When Scorch and you will Chills nearly damage Yuma and his awesome family, but Shark informed these to remain in stating he knows her or him. Following the gang help Yuma wade, he confronted Shark, he would not Duel because their prior losings to help you Yuma caused him to give up Dueling. Yuma continued so you can chase Shark and you may bother your by the requesting good Duel up until he approved, Yuma bet Emperor’s Key towards impact. Yuma don’t play with their “Numbers” and you will Shark advised him to do this, trusting a profit over Yuma in the place of “Numbers” will be meaningless. Yuma Summoned “Utopia”, hence Shark poor which have “Friller Shark”. So it assist “Black colored Beam Lancer” negate the outcomes and ruin it, and that satisfied Astral. Shark won that have a primary assault from “Submersible Company Aeo Shark”. Shark took this new Emperor’s Secret, but tossed it on to the floor as he strolled regarding immediately after the guy remember just what Yuma said on are family members. Ahead of riding away, Shark informed Yuma you to Scorch and you will Chills gives your a place to help you fall in and advised your never be irritate him again. [13]